How Netflix Series Are Now Encouraging The Need of Cyber-security

Cyber-attacks aren’t always targeted towards big leading corporations or companies, but rather towards the everyday average Joe. And speaking of Joe, have you seen the hit Netflix original series called “You”?

The character that plays Joe isn’t some mastermind criminal with years of hacking training. He’s a regular average guy who just happens to be very observant and just happens to be a pro at Googling people.

This is something to note.


Because “You” shows that anyone who’s anyone can get hacked or phished into a scam. This largely depends on the amount of information you put online and how well you trust/handle unknown sources.

There are many more series and movies like “You” that highlights how easy it is to crack into someone’s profile, gathering information on your whereabouts, the places you like visiting, where you work, what activities you’re into and all the people/organizations you’re associated with.

Seems a little overboard? Tell that to the thousands of media accounts that get hacked every year.

Cybersecurity attacks don’t only revolve around hacking media accounts. It is more about how the perpetrator uses the information you put online and the lack of security measures on your accounts, to target you.

The indirect kinds of cyber-attacks that Netflix educates about

Now, just because Netflix originals are being used as solid examples, doesn’t mean that everything you see in front of you is as romantic and easy as it appears to be. This example is to only put the situation into light in the simplest ways possible.

Here’s an idea of how cyber-attacks take various shapes and forms, which could land up at your doorsteps:

• Malware attacks

When you leave your devices or accounts unprotected, and one day accidentally decides to download a game app or visit an unknown website that’s having the hottest flash sales etc. you might accidentally land up with a malware infection. Trusting unknown sources especially when you don’t have any protectors installed, is a huge risk. These malicious viruses attach themselves throughout your device.

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