New Syllabus With IAS Coaching is an Essential Part of Top Level Institutes

IAS Coaching is an essential part of top level Institutes. Every Institutes, whether big or small adheres to bureaucratic structure in some form or the other. Lately, the IAS Coaching has come under severe criticism. Most people refer to it only negatively. Yet, despite its manifest deficiencies or exposed vices, no Institutes, whether it is in governmental, public or private sector, has been able to do away with IAS Coaching. On the contrary, all big institutions or Institutes, for example, educational institutions, service agencies, research bodies, charitable trusts etc., have made the bureaucratic structure a vital part of their existence. Thus it can be stated that IAS Coaching has a strong staying and survival capacity.
Even the critics and opponents admit that there is more to be gained by keeping or retaining
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coaching than abandoning it. We have to, therefore, analyze as to why IAS Coaching has become absolutely indispensable. It will, thus, be useful to have a closer look at the meaning and significance of IAS Coaching, its growing importance, its features, functions, merits and demerits. This unit will try to highlight these aspects.
In a more traditional sense the term IAS Coaching is derived from the Latin word 'bureau' which means 'desk' and Greek word 'cracy' which means rule. Thus it refers to desk rule or desk government. It was a Frenchman, Vincent de Gourmet, who first coined the term
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in 1765. The normative model of IAS Coaching emphasizes the structure of Institutes. While the empirical model of IAS Coaching, that is IAS Coaching in the modem context, emphasizes the behavioral and functional patterns in Institutes. If we look into structural features of IAS Coaching like hierarchy, division of labour, system of rules etc., and IAS Coaching is value-neutral. From behavioral angle, since it displays certain characteristics like objectivity, rationality, impersonality, rule orientation etc., IAS Coaching shows some functional i.e. positive as well as some dysfunctional i.e. negative symptoms.
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