perfume on hand

How Perfume Can Complete Your Style

Happiness is a bottle of perfume you can’t live without. The scent of my favorite perfume just lights up my day especially when I need a little pick-me-up in the morning. After a late night, the morning after can be a lethargic affair. However, a sniff of my Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa will perk me right up, ready to face anything the day can throw at me. If I don’t wear it, there will be a feeling that I am missing something important and that I am somehow incomplete. The smell of Dolce Rosa gives me a sense of security and confidence that nothing else can. Why does perfume have such an effect on me? Does this happen to other people or am I just special?

Jo Malone perfumeI think my dependence on perfume began when I was young, maybe about 12 years old when my mom bought me my first perfume. When I took a whiff of the Chloe perfume, I was mesmerized. I never knew anything about perfume until that point and my senses were rushing with excitement. How could something smell so fragrant, exciting, fresh and colorful, all in one bottle of liquid? When I was given my first perfume, I was told by my mother to use it sparingly so that it will last a long while. This was partly because perfume was not cheap, and also partly because she didn’t want me to go overboard with it. However, we all know what happens when someone tells you not to do something, we want to do it even more. So that’s what happened. It also didn’t help that the perfume smelled absolutely amazing!

I found myself using it every single day and from that day onwards, I never looked back. After my first, I quickly went through my second, third, fourth until the bottle I have with me today. What made me fall so fast for perfume? What was it that was so irresistible that I could not stop using it? Perfume feels like it’s a natural extension of me, it makes me feel complete and a part of who I am. The perfumes I use match my personality completely, whether it is spring or summer, autumn or winter. They match my mood, and the state of mind I am in, so that people around me are aware, just by my scent.

How can one perfume match so many different moods and seasons? Over the years I have steadily built up a small collection of different perfumes. I do not use them all at once, but rotate amongst them to suit my many occasions. So as you can see, wearing perfume has become a daily habit for me. I pay close attention to which perfume I wear not only to suit myself, but also the environment and surroundings I am going to be in. This guarantees a pleasant experience not only for myself, but also the people in my company. I could have never imagined perfume playing such a big part of my life.